Geocky was founded with a goal of providing people education regarding financial freedom and financial goals and where to spend your money wisely! It is a collection of news updates, techniques, ideas and much more on how to handle your money!

Without much knowledge of handling your money, you may either win a lotto or be a millionaire today but will soon disappear (what is so called – one day millionaire). This scenario happens when you are go-spender and not a go-saver! Save your money wisely and protect your future by tuning in on our quality programs and the multiplicity of our viewpoints coming from known sources of finance guru who became successful in the kind of spending they choose.

Working together with Geocky, we share the same vision for programs that stand out from the crowd and make a difference; we are passionate about what we do and set guidelines that will lead us to our success.

Being committed, brave and always ready for anything that might happen makes each of our role at Geocky somehow challenging yet rewarding.

Services Like No Other.

Geocky is rare in itself: inclusive, courageous, interested in individuals and trusted by financial institutions and individuals.

Through Geocky Financial Advises, we tell the right to life experiences of money. We provide just the actual and exact ideas and on how to implement them on yourself especially on having financial issues and incapability.

Our panel team make sure a long-term commitment to our audience and to make a difference. Above this all, we are motivated by our curiosity and creativity to find new ideas, conduct quality events, and be an authority in financial and money-spending tips

Financial Freedom – the Real Meaning Behind

Some people often says that if you have a lot of money in your pocket, you are financially free! Well, that’s not the thought. Let’s say you have a high-paying career, you earn monthly to more than you expect, and you spend them on luxuries, etc. – that is not how we say that! You are merely financial incompetent and your life is such a waste!

Learning to save more than spending is what a financial freedom is. It’s about making the most out of it – being happy in simple ways without sacrificing your future. Why to spend on luxuries when you can rather save them for your future family and live a happy life!

Be successful both in managing your wealth and money as well as winning your family’s hearts each day.

Geocky Future Goals

Our vision for the next decades includes individual to individual financial counseling and advice, on the spot banking and savings application procedures and a lot more!

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